Horse Toys - Equine Entertainment At a lower price!

Horse toys can keep your horse busy and happy when she's in her stall. Left alone, horses could possibly get bored and anxious, and that usually leads to destructive behaviors and habits. But before you may spend a lot of money on horse toys, consider using a handful of these inexpensive alternatives. pony cycle

Raid The Recycling Bin: Your recycling container is really a rich source of potential horse toys. Plastic milk jugs and detergent bottles can be hung within your horse's stall. Full of several pebbles, they make a fantastic (in your horse) rattling sound when head butted. Clean milk jugs can also be used being a treat delivery system. Convey a few pellets of grain inside, leave the cap off and place it on the ground. Since your horse rolls the jug around, pellets magically appear! Fun and food! Exactly what a deal!
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The Vegetable Aisle: Horses love carrots. Play a little horse game by hiding a few chunks of carrots across the stall (but not in the bedding). Over a ledge, included with all the hay...anywhere she might explore along with her ever-curious mouth.

The Hanging Spud: Locate an immense turnip and bore a dent through it. Thread a rope through it, tie a knot towards the bottom and it from your ceiling. Tether turnip! This is a fun and tasty toy that's simple and easy , cheap to create.

Bobbing For Apples: Float an apple in her own water bucket. Your horse will discover this curious and intriguing.

Attention Sports Fans: A genuine leather football is really a safe and sturdy toy for horses. The genuine article could be pretty pricey, though. Garage sales make the perfect source for used footballs. Be on the lookout for big yoga balls and hula hoops, too.

Seems like Fun: A metallic bell can entertain some horses. One caveat: with time (like greater than a few minutes), bells could be pretty annoying for people, so make use of your best judgement here.

Equine Opera: While there is no hard scientific evidence to ensure it, some horses appear to respond favorably to relaxing music. Classical? New age? Folk? Cruise around the dial to find her favorites. Hopefully, you should have similar tastes.

You Gotta Have Friends: Horses are herd animals and need the companionship of herd mates. If you can't rush out and acquire another horse, consider a goat. Horses love goats! They've enormous personality and need very little upkeep. In case a goat is even a bit much to suit your needs, a barn cat is yet another option. Plus they keep your rodent population in order, an extra.

Whatever boredom buster you decide on, make sure you change it often. Horses aren't difficult to entertain, but they do like variety. Changing sights, sounds and textures really helps to desensitize these to frightening stimuli, too, so they're less afraid of normal changes in their surroundings.